AMC Connections

DMI helped AMC to configure a stage featuring a striking visual arrangement with a full-length LED wall spanning the stages entire width, serving as the central display for impactful content. Complementing this main screen, two smaller LED walls are positioned on either side, enhancing visibility and audience engagement from all viewing angles that was used for IMAG shots of the many presenters. Behind all the LED walls, a seamless black drape creates a polished and professional backdrop, ensuring the focus remains on the vibrant displays.

Above the stage, strategically placed rigging points support an array of professional lighting fixtures, casting dynamic and versatile lighting effects across the stage. The lighting setup includes spotlights, wash lights, and colored LED lights, all carefully positioned to highlight speakers and enhance the visual appeal of presentations. This configuration is ideal for high-profile presentations, conferences, and events that require a dynamic, immersive visual and lighting experience.


Another look at the full LED wall with IMAG shot on outside LED.


Awards night turn around look complete with star drape spanning the entire room.


Main stage look during dinner


AMC utilizing DMIs ability to pre-record videos in-house ahead of the big show. Featuring monitor set up, draping, full lighting, camera, and down stage monitor.  These videos were shot, edited, and played during the awards night by DMI.


Breakout rooms production done in an intimate and well-equipped space designed for focused presentations and small group discussions. It features two projector screens on each side of the stage, ideal for displaying slides and multimedia content. Comfortable seating is arranged in rows or a circle to facilitate clear sightlines and engagement. Both rooms are equipped with modern AV equipment, including a projector, sound system, and microphones provided by DMI. Black drapes along the walls provide a professional ambiance and help to control lighting. This setup was perfect for workshops, training sessions, and breakout discussions during the larger conferences for AMC.

The production crew is a dynamic and highly skilled team working diligently behind the scenes to ensure the smooth execution of the show. Their tasks include setting up and operating audio-visual equipment, managing lighting, handling stage setups, and coordinating transitions. Technicians monitor soundboards and video feeds, ensuring high-quality audio and visuals throughout the performance. Stagehands manage props and scenery, quickly and quietly making changes as needed. The crew communicates via headsets to seamlessly coordinate their efforts, troubleshooting any issues in real-time to maintain a flawless presentation.