Prometheus User Conference

An LED wall is the pulsating heart of the stage production, a mesmerizing canvas that brings the show’s visual narrative to life. Crafted from an intricate array of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), this technological marvel serves as the dynamic backdrop, seamlessly blending stunning visuals with the performers’ artistry. With its high resolution and vibrant colors, the LED wall transforms the stage into a captivating realm, where each scene unfolds in vivid detail. With its versatility, it adapts effortlessly to the show’s ever-changing mood, serving as a window into the imagination of the creators and a portal for the audience to experience an unforgettable visual odyssey.


In a breakout room production, the stage is set for an intimate yet impactful experience, where the spotlight shines on seamless audiovisual integration. Behind the scenes, skilled technicians from DMI masterfully manipulate the AV components, ensuring flawless execution of each scene transition and multimedia cue. With precision timing and meticulous attention to detail, they orchestrate a seamless production that captivates and inspires.